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Drag Nets for harvesting fish from tanks or ponds

Drag nets are used to harvest fish from holding tanks and mud ponds. If the dimensions are correct and the net is used correctly, all fish can be gathered in one scoop. Train workers in the correct us of the drag net.

Drag nets should be fitted with pole handles and a draw string for more effective gathering of all the fish in a tank. To operate more like a purse or seine net do.

Net should be cared for by opening them up after use, and rolling them up when they are dry. They can be washed with disinfectant and hung briefly in the sun to dry. Exposure, however should not be limited and not for longer that required. Do not walk unnecessary on the net and immediately fix any holes and loose strings. 

Use a thin but strong polypropylene drawstring. Replace it often.


We have extended experience with local net products; and can supply and give advice on drag nets use and manufacture, bird netting and happas..

Typical locally made up net. You add poles and draw string.

Drag nets are ordered by the length required. The other dimensions are rather standard.

Made to our specifications from knotless nylon material complete with floats & lead

Nets are normally made to order


code colour length m size m mesh mm
DNL05 green 5 1.5 x 2.5 12 x 222-6
DNL10 green 10 2 x 3 12 x 222-6
DNL15 green 15 2 x 3 12 x 222-6
DNL50 green 50 3 x 4 12 x 222-6


code colour length m size m mesh mm
DN006 black 6 2 x 3 4.4
DN008 black 8 2 x 3 4.4
DN009 black 9 2 x 3 4.4

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