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Information on Products & Koi

Pan Sized Handling Nets

Pan sized handling net used to view fry during the selection process. Mesh size according to the size of the fry to be handled. 

Choice of white or blue material for best colour discrimination.

Nets should be treated with respect to ensure a long life.
Cleaned, disinfected and allowed to dry after use.
They should not be knocked/banged on the rim to dislodge debris. Mishandling like this will distort the ring and shorten their useful life. Them around and "touch" some water. 

A large selection available.

The design of these tools come a long way... 

Various choices of material depending on the fish variety and size.


product code type colour diameter mm mesh mm handle mm
PN801 D black 240 3 160
PN901 D black 270 3 160
PN801 A white 240 fine 160
PN901 A white 270 fine 160
PN801 B white 240 1 160
PN901 B white 270 1 160
PN801 C blue 240 1.5 160
PN901 C blue 270 1.5 160