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Information on Products & Koi

Different types of koi

Koi are beautiful 'ornamental' versions of the common carp species. They originated in China and then spread to Japan and has been cultivated mainly there ever since. The word “koi” is Japanese for carp, and the word “nishikigoi” means ornamental carp. It was in the nineteenth century in the Niigata prefecture of Japan that koi breeding emerged.

According to history and legend, the farmers of that prefecture noticed colourful carp varieties in their rivers, that they were more easily snapped up by the birds because of their attractive colors, and began breeding them.

Over time, a classification system developed according to their color variations and qualities, and now, there is an accepted categorization by which koi varieties are known by. Depending on the quality of their colors, rarity, patterning and sheen, the price of koi vary from a few dollars, to thousands of dollars each.

They have become very popular indeed in many countries around the world now, and we’re all now exposed to the language and technologies of the Japanese when it comes to koi breeding and cultivation.

Apart from their beauty and sturdiness as fish, koi has become legendary because of the fact that they can grow to very large sizes, and is limited relatively by the size of the pond that they reside in. And also they are renowned for their ability to live very long years.

  • Aka Matsuba
  • Asagi
  • Bekko
  • Doitsu Showa
  • GinRin Kohaku
  • Goromo
  • Goshiki
  • Hikari
  • Kawarimono
  • Kohaku
  • Kujaku
  • Kumonryu
  • Ochiba
  • Orenji Ogon
  • Platinum Ogon
  • Sanke
  • Showa
  • Shusui
  • Tancho Kuhakuen
  • Tancho Sanke
  • Utsuri
  • Yamabuki Ogon